[sane-devel] Weird behavior in exagear.

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 05:13:08 UTC 2018

I tried on my laptop to make sure it wasn't something in exagear and I
got the same results. So I am sure there is a problem with the driver.

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 6:55 PM, Olaf Meeuwissen
<paddy-hack at member.fsf.org> wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Jeff Sadowski writes:
>> My code is simply calling scanimage the way I posted here already.
>> Running the same commands by hand results in the same behaviour. I
>> have my code write the command it runs in a file called ran.txt, so I
>> can examine it and run it. I'm just using php to open a 3 pipe method
>> of running scanimage. it is actually running it under "script" which
>> allows scanimage to continually write to stdout/stderr without
>> blocking which gets written to a stdout.txt and stderr.txt files. I
>> also implemented the ability to send ctrl-c using the 3rd input pipe.
>> So if my loop that is reading the pipes sees that a certain file
>> exists and is still running it will send a ctrl-c. My frontend starts
>> this php script and detaches and then reads it's output files to see
>> what is going on it also continually loads the image being created by
>> scanimage. I get the latest page number from stdout.txt/stderr.txt and
>> the name of the file from my rant.txt looking for '--batch= and the
>> matching quote and replace all %d with the last page number and then I
>> have my image retrieve send that file. :-)
> I see.  So you're just layering on top of scanimage.  I thought you we
> using a PHP layer on top of the SANE C API.  Sorry for overthinking
> things.  The image acquisition logic in scanimage is correct so the
> problem appears to be in the brother backend.
> Sorry for the detour,
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