[sane-devel] sane-devel Digest, Vol 156, Issue 4

sunjing at newbeiyang.com sunjing at newbeiyang.com
Wed Jun 6 02:42:43 BST 2018

I  read the SANE document. But I can not find the content about "scan source"
My problem is when I select menu item  "Documrnt/Preferences/Scan Source",
it is blank.

who can give me some advices?thanks 

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   1. How to add "scan source" to sane driver (sunjing at newbeiyang.com)
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From: "sunjing at newbeiyang.com" <sunjing at newbeiyang.com>
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Subject: [sane-devel] How to add "scan source" to sane driver
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Hello EveryOne:
    I program a sane driver for my scanner,when I test it with  "Simple Scan" Application.
    the "scan source" of SimpleScan is blank.
    How I can add the source to mu sane driver ,I have define below in my source code 
       #define BACKEND_NAME filescan5
     thanks very much!
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