[sane-devel] question about Panasonic KV-S2087 driver

Martin Luessi mluessi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 22:48:49 BST 2018


I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to use advanced features (push
scan, post imprinting) of the Panasonic KV-S2087 scanner on Linux. There is
a SANE driver for this scanner (
https://panasonic.net/cns/pcc/support/scanner/linuxspanakvs.html), but the
push can and post imprinting features are currently not supported.

My first thought was that the driver may be open source and it may be
feasible for us to modify the driver to support those features. But that
doesn't seem to be the case, i.e., the driver contains compiled binaries
for x86/amd64 and I can't find the source code anywhere.

Am I correct in my assessment that there is indeed no open source driver
for this scanner and supporting those features on Linux would be a major
effort (essentially writing a new driver from scratch)?


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