[sane-devel] HP5590 and scanbd button recognition

Wilhelm Meier wilhelm.wm.meier at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 13 20:30:22 UTC 2018

Hi together,

if this is a patch for scanbd and the old scanbuttond backends included
there, please send the patch to this list. I'll be happy to integrate it
into scanbd.


Am 13.03.2018 um 19:29 schrieb Cesello:
> Hi Ilia and Jared
> I'm just registered to this ML to propose my patch to this back end
> driver made in the past weekend.
> And I see someone have my same problem :)
> I've used hp5590 scanner with scanbuttond for years. Some week ago I've
> upgraded my system to debian 9 and
> discovered that scanbd does not works anymore with my scanner. I really
> need this functionality so I've made
> modifications to hp5590.c code to export the options .
> Is a first attempt and the backend called by scanbd threads makes
> buttons quite  responsive
> without using a self polling thread.
> I've made a patch file for debian 9  stable version package (yes but the
> real patch is for hp5590.c only)
> If you are interested I can send it (or tell me if I have to release
> into the repo directly I'm new user here :))
> Damiano
> On 07/03/2018 14:01, hostcc at gmail.com (Ilia Sotnikov) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> backend author here - it shouldn't be too much of effort to expose
>> button status so scanbd can use it. Though haven't gone thru its
>> documentation to understand requirements. As a technical insight -
>> there is hp5590_read_buttons() function in hp5590_cmds.c that reads
>> button status.
>> However, I'll seek for a volunteer to test a change as I don't have
>> access to HW currently.
>> On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 12:40 AM, Wilhelm Meier
>> <wilhelm.wm.meier at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>> Please try the old scanbuttond-backend for this type of scanner - it
>>> should work. The HP sane backend sadly doesn't support the buttons on
>>> this scanner.
>>> Am 06.03.2018 um 15:46 schrieb Jared Hedegaard:
>>>>> Main question: does the HP 5590 support button presses or am I just setting this up incorrectly?
>>>>> I'm been successful using scanbd with SANE backends to get scanning working over my network and locally on the host machine, but I can't seem to get it to recognize button presses, either running scanbd in foreground or background.
>>>>> For past testing, it seems that actions defined in scanbd.conf are used to tie to the backend options? From searching /var/log/syslog, I expected to track button presses or get some sort of trigger feedback, and I didn't think I needed an action set up for it.
>>>>> Any help on this one would be much appreciated. Thanks.
>>>>> Jared H
>>>> After a bit more research, it looks like doing this with the SANE backend for HP 5590 is not possible. scanbd is used to tie custom actions to the options available on the scanner. In this case, none of the 10 options seem to return values. They all look to be ones that I designate from some client software.
>>>> scanbd: found active option[1] tl-x (type: 2) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[2] tl-y (type: 2) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[3] br-x (type: 2) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[4] br-y (type: 2) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[5] mode (type: 3) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[6] source (type: 3) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[7] resolution (type: 1) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008 scanbd: found active option[8] extend-lamp-timeout (type: 0) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[9] wait-for-button (type: 0) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> scanbd: found active option[10] preview (type: 0) for device hp5590:libusb:001:008
>>>> In this case, it looks like I will have to try the old scanbuttond backends for this, or see if there are optional enhancements for the SANE hp5590 backend.
>>>> Jared
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