[sane-devel] XSANE fails to detect any scanner.

Jörn-Ingo Weigert jiweigert at gmail.com
Sun May 6 10:57:00 BST 2018

Sorry, forget the list as receipient.

Hello Aveek,
as one of the affected customers, having an CX727de Laser MFP,
this happened due to that modern Distributions nowadays build up on a
multiarch architecture, as SANE do too.

For this, the recommended directory's are:

x86: /usr/lib/sane
amd64: /usr/lib64/sane

Good source for Debian-based systems:

Beside that, I got your Scanner driver working on amd64 Ubuntu 17.10, I can
scan on the PC, where the driver was installed, but on Clients which access
the Scanner via net-backend of saned, the User see the provided scanner and
scan dialog, but neither Preview or ADF-scanning work. This is caused,
because the scanned files can't be transfered to the client.

Overall, the documentation for the scanner driver and it's config-files are
far from beeing understanding.
No explanations about usable option values in the conf files,
No hints about, over which ports the driver is communicating, or which
protocols on the printer are necessary for scanning.

It would be really great, when there is one! manual available, which are:
based on the actual version,
well explained
and with working config examples that help your customers to use your
products. ☺️

Kind regards,

Jörn-Ingo Weigert

Aveek Basu <aveek.basu at lexmark.com> schrieb am Fr., 4. Mai 2018, 19:09:

> Hi
> This is Aveek from Lexmark - Driver Product Engineering team. It has
> recently come to our notice that XSANE fails to detect our scanners
> XSANE tries to read the driver files from /usr/lib/sane whereas the files
> are present in /usr/lib64/sane. Due to this, XSANE is not able to detect
> any scanner.
> This issue is being observed from Ubuntu 16.04. Could you please help us
> understand if it is a bug or a change in behaviour.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Regards,
> Aveek
> --
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