[sane-devel] Getting HP ScanJet 5300C to work

Robert A. Schmied uwppp at flash.net
Fri Sep 7 18:45:28 BST 2018

Simon J. Rowe wrote:
> On 05/09/18 20:34, Simon J. Rowe wrote:
>> I'm going to try your suggestion of building the latest code and using 
>> that instead,
> Re-built 1.0.27, it behaves exactly the same.
> Any other ideas how to debug this?
> Simon

hey simon

have you read the manpage sane-avision.5?

i don't have an avision scanner so i'm only guessing at the specific
options for your 'elderly ScanJet 5300C'.  the output from

  $ scanimage -n -A -d avision:libusb:003:005

would be helpful ...

where is your avision.conf file installed?

what happens if you un-comment these lines in your avision.conf file?
#option disable-gamma-table
#option disable-calibration

and run [hopefully you compiled with debug support enabled]
  $ SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7    scanimage -v -v -v  \
    -d avision:libusb:003:005  --format=png \
    -x216  -y100  -res 200  --mode=gray \
    2> /tmp/default_5300.log  >/tmp/default_5300.png

forward all output files if you want ...



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