[sane-devel] Manage translations with Transifex [request]

Jeff jffry at posteo.net
Sun Sep 16 13:46:27 BST 2018

On 16/09/18 13:47, Antoni Bella PĂ©rez wrote:
>   I ask you if the translations could be managed with Transifex, everything 
> would be powerful and it is compatible with current merge requests system.

It seems neither to be open-source, nor free for open-source projects:


I would rather suggest Rosetta (launchpad translations):


I have been using launchpad for translations for nearly 10 years. For
the translators, it offers a user-friendly web interface, and
suggestions for translation from other projects. Developers only have to
upload the .pot, and when the translations are ready, download a
zip-load of .po or .mo files.



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