[sane-devel] "Scanimage" or "Sane" timeouts

Dr Rainer Woitok rainer.woitok at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 12:04:58 BST 2019


last June I started a thread on this list  with the subject 'Error mess-
ages when starting  "scanimage"'.   This eventually  turned into an off-
list discussion  with Louis Lagendijk  about the  network aspect of this
problem.  In the course of this discussion  I sent Louis plenty of debug
information which he  -- at least in part --  classified as "fishy", but
which up to now do not seem to have been resolved  (I receive the "sane-
utils" package from Rolf Bensch's PPA,  so the software should be fairly

But apart from these error messages  "scanimage" eventually connected to
the scanner because configuration file "pixma.conf" contained the lines:


But from these three lines aparently only the IP address was noted while
the timeouts were ignored.   However, back last June  the problem of ig-
nored timeouts was laid aside and we totally focused on the network iss-
ues.   I could live with that  because "scanimage" just went through six
timeouts of 1000 milliseconds each before it finally started.

However, since some recent change the default timeout has been increased
from 1000 milliseconds to 10000 milliseconds, causing a delay of a solid
minute before "scanimage" gets going.  That's just too much now, and I'm
frantically looking for a way to change the default timeout.

Anybody knows where to look?  Any pointers appreciated.


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