[sane-devel] The USB URI for a Lexmark CX-417de

Brian Potkin claremont102 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 20:16:06 BST 2019

I am attempting to help a user with a Lexmark CX-417de.

Scanimage -L gives

device `lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004' is a Lexmark Lexmark CX417de Scanner
device `lexmark_nscan:libnet/SPECIFY_DEVICE' is a Lexmark Network Scanner


scanimage -d lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 > out.dat

results in

scanimage: open of device lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 failed:
Operation not supported

The only SANE  URIs I have ever seen have : and not /. I s this an issue?



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