[sane-devel] The USB URI for a Lexmark CX-417de

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed Aug 7 13:16:55 BST 2019

Hi Brian,

Brian Potkin writes:

> I am attempting to help a user with a Lexmark CX-417de.
> Scanimage -L gives
> device `lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004' is a Lexmark Lexmark CX417de Scanner
> device `lexmark_nscan:libnet/SPECIFY_DEVICE' is a Lexmark Network Scanner

Third party backend, not something the SANE Project is involved in.  You
should contact the `lexmake_nscan` developers for support.

> and
> scanimage -d lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 > out.dat
> results in
> scanimage: open of device lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 failed:
> Operation not supported
> The only SANE  URIs I have ever seen have : and not /. Is this an issue?

Whether it's in issue I cannot answer, but I can tell you that backends
are free to use whatever suits their fancy after the `$backend:` bit.  I
seem to remember having seen `$backend:usb:$VID:$PID` where the $VID and
$PID refer to USB vendor and product IDs, respectively.

The part after the `$backend:` bit is processed by the backend itself,
so really anything goes.

Hope this helps,
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