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Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sat Aug 10 08:31:18 BST 2019

Hi Ralph,

littlesincanada writes:

> Hi,
> While scanning through the messages to fix up some grammar and spelling
> mistakes, I came across this following in the file:
> backend/kvs40xx_opt.c:405
> There is a message that I cannot decipher:
> "Long Paper Mode is a mode that the scanner reads the image after it
> divides long paper by the length which is set in Document Size option."
> Can anyone tell me what it means and what it does?

I think only someone with a suitable scanner can "reverse engineer" what
was meant.

I checked the backend's history and the message has been like that from
the start.  Allan committed it, way back on 2011-06-06, but the code is
originally from Panasonic Russia.

BTW, the third-party utsushi backend also has a Long Paper Mode.  I'm
not sure it's the same thing but that option's documentation says

  "Select this mode if you want to scan documents longer than"
  " what the ADF would normally support.  Please note that it"
  " only supports automatic detection of the document height."

IIRC, the ADF would report a maximum document length but when this mode
is enabled allows you to scan beyond that maximum.  This is useful in
cases where you need to scan long roll paper outputs, e.g. cardiograms
or cash register receipts.

Maybe this gives a clue
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