[sane-devel] Canon MB5050 and ADF

Louis Lagendijk louis at fazant.net
Sat Aug 10 18:29:14 BST 2019

I have had a Canon Maxify MX5050 for a few years. I use scanning very
seldom (so why did I get involved in the Sane project?)
I  recently had a few cases where I needed to scan a number of pages. I
failed to get ADF working. Today I spent a few hours on making it work.

I see that you defined PIXMA_CAP_ADFDUP for the MB5000. My MB5050
however has a single sided ADF. Do you know of other MB5000 type
scanners that have duplex ADF or should this be PIXMA_CAP_ADF?

The very similar MB5150 has indeed a duplex ADF.

And second: the MB5050 seems to require PIXMA_CAP_ADF_JPEG. Is it ok to
add it? 

With these changes, resulting in:

DEVICE ("Canon MAXIFY MB5000 Series", "MB5000", MB5000_PID, 1200, 0, 0,

my scanner works with ADF.

As the MB5100 series seems to be mostly identical, I would guess that
this will also need PIXMA_CAP_ADF_JPEG.

Can you please check and update GIT or let me know it I should do so?

By Monday I will receive an MB5450. The printhead in the MB5050 is
clogged, so I ordered a new Maxify. Will test that one as well when I
get some time....

Thanks as usual for your support

Kind regards, Louis

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