[sane-devel] Umask and xsane

Ralph Little littlesincanada at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 28 17:36:48 BST 2019


    On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 4:18:31 a.m. PDT, Olaf Meeuwissen <paddy-hack at member.fsf.org> wrote: 
> I would think such a scanner group would not be the user's primary
> group.  Any files created by XSane (or any SANE frontend or backend for
> that matter) on behalf of the user should use the user's primary group,
> IMNSHO, *and* honour the user's umask, no matter how odd.

My opinion on this is the same actually, although a user might not want to change their global umask to just affect what happens when they are scanning. A user that has particular concerns could create a special user to use just for scanning with a different login umask or they could wrap a script around xsane, although that wouldn't help them if they were acquiring scans into Gimp for example.

I read back through the Changelogs for xsane to see if I could find anything to indicate why this was added and it seems that Oliver added this to satisfy a specific request from a user IIRC.
I've applied the patch because at least it would not regress current behaviour in popular distros, but I think it is something that we could revisit when we have a working build.
I appreciate your thoughts.

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