[sane-devel] Introductions

Ralph Little littlesincanada at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 28 17:58:09 BST 2019

Hi,So I thought it would be courteous to introduce myself to the SANE community as a new maintainer of xsane.
I'm a C++/C programmer of about 30 years experience working here and there in proprietary software houses.I'm a Brit currently living and working in BC, Canada.

My first dalliance with Linux was with a big stack of floppies in the early nineties on my newly purchased ESCOM tower sporting a blistering 486 DX33. :O
A lot of my interest with scanning comes from my other love of music as a trumpet player.
I came to SANE originally with a new Canon MF4770N multifunction for my daughter which wasn't supported on Linux. With some great help from Rolf, I managed to get scanning to work. Network scanning from the ADF is still a bust but that's something that I plan to work on again and I have some ideas about what is going on there.
Most of my Linux experience has been as a user rather than as a developer although I do some Linux dev at my current place of work. So my autoconf foo is embryonic.
I will try not to let you down!

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