[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 3670 (was: Canoscan Lide 90)

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Sun Dec 1 09:22:04 GMT 2019

Hi Ralph,

On 11/19/19 12:19 AM, Ralph Little wrote:
> Hi,
> OK, it seems that the HP ScanJet 3670 actually does work fairly well.
> It only seemed like it hung because the calibration is so time consuming.
> 1200dpi calibration takes an absolute age :(
> Some points:
> - The official low DPI rate for this scanner is 50, not 75 according to
> the Windows driver and manual.
> - the motor table shows 2400 as an option. However, this scanner can
> only do 1200.
> - We label the scanner as the ScanJet 3670C, but I think this model is
> just designated ScanJet 3670 (no C).
> However, scan motor movement is still broken for 50: the motor hums but
> does not advance the scan head during the acquisition phase.
> Presumably, the motor is setup using rates etc that it cannot physically do.
> Even updating the scanner's motor tables to use the same slope settings
> as 100dpi (which does work) but with FULL phase for the motor (as we do
> for the 2400C) does not do the trick. Not sure why.
> I am looking at a working 50dpi USB trace from Windows to see what it
> does differently and I will apply that back to the driver.
> Patch forthcoming to fix the above when I have it done.

Looks like you're doing a great work, thank you!

I would suggest to focus on higher resolutions. Most of the time
scanning at e.g. 300 dpi will be similarly fast as at 50, so only
supporting 300 and higher is an option. It's better use of the time to
look into another scanner :-)


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