[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 3670 (was: Canoscan Lide 90)

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 22:27:50 GMT 2019


On 12/1/19, Povilas Kanapickas <povilas at radix.lt> wrote:
> I would suggest to focus on higher resolutions. Most of the time
> scanning at e.g. 300 dpi will be similarly fast as at 50, so only
> supporting 300 and higher is an option. It's better use of the time to
> look into another scanner :-)

Everything on this scanner seems to work fine on other resolutions.
The 75dpi (50dpi) is the only problematic option that I can see.

I'm treating this as a learning excercise and an excuse to get some
tools together before moving onto the 3000f. I have a wireshark
dissector in Lua that is giving me decide state information about
registers and tables that should help in researching that. There is a
bit of a learning curve for me for both Lua and writing dissectors
that is fun but time consuming. I think it is time well spent though.

At this point it is a point of pride for me to finish this work. If I
can't get one motor setting working on a largely supported scanner
than there isn't much hope for me getting an entirely new scanner
supported :)


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