[sane-devel] Question about Distributing via Flatpak

Wismerhill philipp.plato at mailbox.org
Mon Dec 2 07:19:46 GMT 2019

Hi Ulf,

on your example for Delta.Chat i´m with you, on such a scenario i also
would choose the RPM.
But with SANE it´s a bit different, because SANE repressents the
Drivers for Hardware, meaning no Driver no functonality....
(and i can´t switch to an other Software, because there´s no other
option .... kind of Monopol and that changes the view a bit).
For me, as an end-user for example it is fully acceptable to loose 1 or
2 Gig for the ability to use my scanner complete without trouble.
I don´t want to change 2 Gig more space for "no Scanner" and time
consuming analysis.
I see your Point of anger against the hardware sellers, using you to do
their Job, but i think in because of the special "Status" of SANE as
the only possibility out there (because your doing a great Job!),
Flatpak could be a possibility to serve with newest Driver, and make
Linux more attractive to compete against Windows).
How often you have to Deal with Problems resulting only on Different
Versioning and Changes from Distros, how often you had to tell someone
"sorry we all ready fixed it, just wait until your Distro makes it
available" ... conisder that all of this would dissaper ... just the
Focus on the latest base, or trouble by changes of Distromaintainers.
The possibility to easy rollback to an older Version as Fallback is
also a scenario i could imagine as helpfull.

Phil :-)   

Am Sonntag, den 01.12.2019, 17:49 +0100 schrieb Ulf Zibis:
> Am 01.12.19 um 15:39 schrieb Wismerhill:
> > So I looked if a Flattpak is available to avoid to handle with the
> > compiling Stuff.
> > I wan´t to ask you if it´s possible to provide Sane via Flatpak
> > over
> > Flathub. It would be a great benefit also to the Distros as to the
> > Users.
> I don't see much benefit for the users, only for hardware sellers. If
> flatpak would become common, than we will have the same situation as
> on Windows, needing immense memory and CPU resources over the time.
> The packaging system served by a central repository is one of the big
> advantages of Linux distros over Windows.
> As an example see the flatpak for Delta.Chat, it needs over 1 GB to
> install whereas the DEB-package has only 73 MB.
> -Ulf

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