[sane-devel] [janitorial] New backend: escl

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 12:13:36 GMT 2019

On 15/12/2019 05:10, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Hi list,
> I thought you might like to know that I've merged the escl backend
> yesterday.  This backend was written by Touboul Nathane and Thierry
> Huchard at Ordissimo.  It is licensed under the terms of the GPL,
> either version 3 or, at your option, any later version.
> The backend should support many of the large range of devices that
> support Apple's AirPrint protocol.  For a long list of potentially
> supported devices see
>    https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201311

Printing on all these guys should work from Linux, would be great if you get all 
of them (or at least the ones which have a scanner built in) also scanning with 
this backend.

> The backend's description file does not list any specific devices yet
> but the merge request listed a few devices that are known to work for
> some definition of work ;-)
> Please note that the escl backend only supports these devices over a
> network connection, not via USB or similar connections.

Is this backend talking IPP (Internet Printing Protocol, the same network 
communication protocol as AirPrint uses) to the scanners? If so, it could work 
on USB if you use IPP-over-USB, implemented by ippusbxd:


This emulates an IPP network printer/scanner on localhost (port 60000 by default 
as 631 is usually already used by CUPS).

Can it even be that this backend implements the open IPP scanning standard of 
the Printer Working Group (PWG), which would eliminate the need of further 




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