[sane-devel] Custom SANE Backend - Clarification

Mark DM markosjal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 18:03:20 GMT 2019

I wanted to clarify exactly what I meant about a Custom SANE backend in my

I am not looking for a backend that connects via USB, Network, SCSI, nor
parallel. rather what I hope to attain is a back end that connects via
binary FILE.

I am looking for a backend solution that will execute a binary with
options, and the binary itself does all the communcation with the scanner.

I am not looking to execute any SANE command line , in fact I want to use
SANE frontend to execute a non-SANE command with options.

for instance when a SANE scan button is clicked the backend executes a
binary with options like resolution and file name <other options>
myscanner 300 myfile.jpg <other options>

of course one might need to manually set options relevant to their scanner
and binary, and these options probably need to get passed on to SANE so
that SANE GUI displays relevant options for the scanner/binary. (Maybe
Apple AirScan returns these options when queried?)

I have seen numerous command line scanners that work outside of SANE. It
would seem logical that a generic back-end could be created for manual
configuration of options to be able to execute one of these binaries from

I am actually surprised that there seems to be nothing available in this
regard and zero flexibility in the SANE structure to easily implement it.

here are two such projects that would beneft from this.

Apple Airscan compatible scanners:

Mustek s400w / Ion Aircopy / Halo Magic Scanner

Each of these uses a binary (one is python) to access a scanner.
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