[sane-devel] saned running -d128 from terminal

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Tue Jan 29 11:50:03 GMT 2019

Hi Robert,

Robert A. Schmied writes:

> sane/saned gurus
> is saned -d128 supposed to terminate following a scan?
> [...]

Yes, unless you also give the -a option.
The code on master after 1.0.27 has two more options that can be used,
-D and -l.  Please check the source for details.

> saned -d128 daemon terminates with the last 3 log lines:
> [saned] process_request: got request 10
> [saned] bailing out, waiting for children...
> [saned] bail_out: all children exited

Request 10 tells saned to exit.

When run with (x)inetd or systemd, it is those daemons that (re)start
saned whenever necessary.  If you start it yourself, you're the one that
has to keep it running, with a -a option.

Hope this helps,
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