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Mcgrath, Michael D Michael.Mcgrath at xerox.com
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Hello Olaf, 

Thank you for your response. It is appreciated. I have emailed Alex (ABC) and he has responded -- thank you all.

If a developer wanted to entertain creating these scan drivers for the products mentioned, does anyone have a rough estimate or ballpark on what the bid would be? Or is this just something not worth pursuing? I ask because this customer is a large enterprise account. 

Please let me know or if there any alternative solutions you recommend. 


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Hi Michael,

I'm the SANE Project's (self-appointed) Janitor.

Mcgrath, Michael D writes:

> Good Day,
> Bernard provided me your contact information for my request.
> I am a Xerox Project Manager who is looking for a contact or method in 
> which to add multiple Xerox Devices into SANE. I would like to apply 
> our product portfolio for major accounts to have the ability to scan 
> to our devices via Linux. Xerox does not support Linux scanning 
> directly. Can someone provide me contact details and the process in 
> which to engage the SANE Team?

You've already found the mailing list, good.  For manufacturers we have a [dedicated web page][1] with information (somewhat dated, though) and there is also a general page with info on [contributing][2].

 [1]: http://sane-project.org/manufacturers.html
 [2]: http://sane-project.org/contrib.html

You may be pleased to know that the SANE Backends already include [support for a number of Xerox devices][3] via several backends.

 - `avision`, unmaintained :-(
 - `genesys`, maintained by Povilas Kanapickas
 - `xerox_mfp`, maintained by Alex Belkin

 [3]: http://sane-project.org/lists/sane-mfgs-cvs.html#Z-XEROX

I've Cc:d both maintainers.  Depending on which of the two maintained backends is closest to the devices' protocols you want to add, I suggest you contact it's maintainer.  Cc:ing the mailing list is appreciated, so we all stay in the loop.

All our code, merge requests and issues are available from


You can clone the project, work on the changes you want to make, push them to GitLab and create a merge request to get them integrated.

> Thanks,

You're welcome.

Hope this helps,
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