[sane-devel] Possible to make test backend to slow down?

r. a. schmied uwppp at flash.net
Mon Jun 10 17:26:29 BST 2019

Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Hi,
> Jeff writes:
>>On 09/06/2019 15:57, Mark DM wrote:
>>>I see those options , however they seem to work only with command line
>>>from what I can see.
>>If you use them with scanimage, then that would be from the command
>>line. They are available from other frontends that support them, e.g.
> They should be available with any self-respecting SANE frontend.  These
> options are not marked as advanced.
>>>I am looking for the delay option to be the default behavior whenever
>>>the test backend is called. That is what I am hoping for.
>>On my Debian system, I can edit /etc/sane.d/test.conf and change the
> This is also documented in the manual page for the test backend.
> Hope this helps,
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in particular genesys_gl847

a query or two about <backend>.conf file

  1) do all, most, some backends support such runtime argument

  2) i see scanimage is checking for and reading ./genesys.conf
     and /opt/csw/etc/sane.d/genesys.conf

  3) i've tried to enter options in ./genesys.conf, but have
     not been able to get them to a) work or b) cause an
     error or warning.  is there anyplace in the sane documentation
     world that defines/describes the format for these arguments
     placed in a <backend.conf> file?

     i seem to think i've seen something like that but i'm not
     able to re-find it!  rtfm'ed sane.7, scanimage, sane-genesys
     sane-test and grep'ed around looking for '\.conf'

     ah-ha! sane-u12 -- but those lines don't work either

     tried lots of variations including
           option flag arg
           option -flag=arg
           option="-flag arg"

if anyone provides guidance even if pointer(s) to relevant code
i will take/make time to write-up a manpageish file and submit
for incorporation ...




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