[sane-devel] Possible to make test backend to slow down?

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Tue Jun 11 20:24:07 BST 2019


On 2019-06-10 19:26, r. a. schmied wrote:
> saners
> in particular genesys_gl847
> a query or two about <backend>.conf file
>  1) do all, most, some backends support such runtime argument
>     alterations?

Looks like the genesys backend reads this genesys.conf configuration
file by calling sanei_configure_attach. It's called by 10 backends, so I
suppose that many backends support this functionality.
>  2) i see scanimage is checking for and reading ./genesys.conf
>     and /opt/csw/etc/sane.d/genesys.conf
>  3) i've tried to enter options in ./genesys.conf, but have
>     not been able to get them to a) work or b) cause an
>     error or warning.  is there anyplace in the sane documentation
>     world that defines/describes the format for these arguments
>     placed in a <backend.conf> file?
>     i seem to think i've seen something like that but i'm not
>     able to re-find it!  rtfm'ed sane.7, scanimage, sane-genesys
>     sane-test and grep'ed around looking for '\.conf'
>     ah-ha! sane-u12 -- but those lines don't work either
>     tried lots of variations including
>           option='flag:arg'
>           option flag arg
>           option -flag=arg
>           option="-flag arg"

I don't know this area at all, but from the documentation of

Parse configuration file, reading configuration options and trying to
attach devices found in file.

The option are gathered in a single configuration structure. Each time a
line holds a value that is not an option, the attach function is called
with the name found and the configuration structure with it's current

The reason you're not seeing any error messages is that their severity
is low. Try setting SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_CONFIG=8 environment variable
before running scanimage.

> if anyone provides guidance even if pointer(s) to relevant code
> i will take/make time to write-up a manpageish file and submit
> for incorporation ...

That would be great, thank you.


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