[sane-devel] Proposal to remove autoconf-generated files from the source repository

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Mon Jun 17 12:47:24 BST 2019


r. a. schmied writes:

> Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
>> Hi!
>> TL;DR I am going to merge this shortly after 2019-06-12 10:00 UTC unless
>> someone raises objection here or in the [merge request][0].
>> [...]
> aloha olaf and interested saners
> i've got one of those out-of-band systems (sun solaris 10 sparc update 8).
> this is a very brief list of my handling of issues with configure as
> shipped and possibly with configure.ac after this change takes place.
> nothing that cannot be overcome.

FTR, configure.ac has not changed.

> when i run configure i have to set loads of envvars to set things right
> but something i've been unable to fix with the current autotools system,
> well two things:
> 1) to get a clean compile of umax_pp.c i had to add -D_XPG6 for gcc 4.9.0
>    and my system to compile.
>    i'm still unsure why any of the umax stuff is being compiled as that
>    backend is not a listed backend unless it is needed for test or net.

This is a separate issue and unrelated dropping generated files.  I've
submitted #93 to make support for parallel I/O an option.  That should
properly address your trouble as well.


IIRC, the problem is caused by tools/umax_pp.c ...

> 2) my os has libusb at /usr/sfw/lib and provides /usr/sfw/bin/libusb-config
>    to get the libs and cflags much like pkg-config does.  i've been
>    struggling to get a workable set of autotool macros to work around
>    this problem.  i think i have a partial solution but it re-instates the
>    current override to always use pkg-config for 2 specifically listed
>    systems.  i can provide these autotool changes if you are interested.
>    (ax_path_generic.m4 and ax_compare_version.m4 added to m4, 25 lines
>    or so added to configure.am.  also i've not yet been able to get test
>    compiles or test links to work for this hack -- i'm expecting the book
>    'autotools: A Practioner's Guide' to be delivered in the coming week.)

You should be able to add an extra case to the AS_CASE(x$host_os,...)
call.  It already special cases beos* and os2*.  You can just add your
own using a suitable shell glob for the value of your $host_os.

By all means share your "hack".

>    the only thing i really needed to change after running the standard
>    configure with my manual settings for USB_CFLAGS and USB_LIBS was
>    ./include/sane/config.h:
>       comment out: /* #define HAVE_LIBUSB 1 */
>       insert: #define HAVE_LIBUSB_LEGACY 1

./include/sane/config.h is a generated file.  Your hack is probably not
doing the right thing and I guess it may have something to do with your
libusb-config utility setting HAVE_LIBUSB.  Your configure.ac changes
need to transfer it value to HAVE_LIBUSB_LEGACY (if it's 0.1) and clear
the value of HAVE_LIBUSB.

>    this was trivially done following configure with an edit-in-place
>    sed command (15 lines as bash script).

Hope this helps,
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