[sane-devel] Is there a list of obsoleted back-ends?

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed Jun 19 12:40:52 BST 2019

Hi Mark,

Mark DM writes:

> I read somewhere recently, maybe this list, that there are some sane
> back-ends that have become obsolete for dependency reasons or something
> like that.

A pointer to that somewhere would be appreciated :smile: especially so
because the lines between obsoleted, deprecated and unmaintained are not

> I see that there is a list of SANE back-ends but do not know if it has been
> updated to show obsoleted backends

The SANE Project's sane-backends contains 94 backends none of which I
think is obsoleted.  Our CI dutifully compiles 93 of them.  Only the
pint backend is disabled because sys/scanio.h is not available on
any of the GNU/Linux distributions we build on.

Perhaps some of our backends are no longer really useful because the
scanners they support are only available in the junk corner of second
hand stores (if at all) and some of the are no longer really actively
maintained, but I don't think of those as obsoleted.

As for third-party backends, i.e. those *not* part of sane-backends,
it's really up to the folks providing those to declare what's obsoleted
and what's not.

So, as for a list of "obsoleted" backends, I'm not aware of one.

Hope this helps,
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