[sane-devel] Plustek M12 firmware corruption? (Re: Plustek M12 passes "scanimage -T" but doesn't work)

Perry Hutchison pluto at agora.rdrop.com
Sat Jun 22 05:00:18 BST 2019

A couple of weeks ago I wrote:
> I recently picked up a NeatReceipts Scanalyzer, which SANE recognizes
> as a Plustek OpticSlim M12, at a thrift store.
> ...
>   # scanimage -L
>   device `gt68xx:libusb:/dev/usb0:/dev/ugen0' is a Plustek OpticSlim M12 flatbed scanner
> ...
>   # scanimage -p -v -d gt68xx:libusb:/dev/usb0:/dev/ugen0 > scantest.pnm
>   scanimage: scanning image of size 2575x3531 pixels at 8 bits/pixel
>   scanimage: acquiring gray frame
> ...
>   scanimage: read 9092325 bytes in total
> ...
>   # scanimage -V
>   scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.17; backend version 1.0.17

Someone suggested, off-list, trying a newer version of SANE.
I've now been able to try 1.0.27, on a different machine running a
different OS (Ubuntu 18.04) with a different USB cable, and got the
same result:  the scanner's motor does not run, and it generates an
all-gray image file.

Using a different machine and cable seems to exclude most possible
hardware-related issues other than the scanner itself, but I suppose
it's possible that the firmware file I'm using could be corrupted.

Does anyone have a Plustek M12 working, and if so could you post a
hash (MD5, SHA1, whatever) of the cism216.fw file?

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