[sane-devel] Still can't use CanoScan LiDE 220

Dave Dixon ddixon at swcp.com
Sun Mar 3 21:36:43 GMT 2019

The CanoScan LiDE 220 I got when my ancient HP scanner was no longer 
supported does not work with Ubuntu 18.04. I got this scanner because 
the SANE site says it's fully supported, but I have not had that 
experience. I've been watching this distro for 6 months hoping to see 
something about it.

Configuration: vanilla Ubuntu 18.04.2 Gnome. Lenovo x260 laptop.


1. lsusb finds the scanner at 04a9:190f
2. sane-find-scanner does not find the scanner, with or without sudo.
3. Scanner works plug-n-play with a Windows laptop.

Should I put the scanner on eBay and give up?

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