[sane-devel] [sane-announce] XSane source code now hosted at GitLab.com

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Mon Mar 4 12:19:57 GMT 2019

Hi Kelly,

First off, thanks for the pointers.  Will take a look.  Don't know
when, though.

Kelly Price writes:

> And this is where I'm glad I run a source-compiled distro (Gentoo).

Sorry but I fail to understand how that relates to recreating the XSane
release history in a git repository and keeping out files that do not
belong in such a repository (but may or may not be included in source

For example, the po/*.gmo files in the tarball you mention below do not
belong in a git repository.  Neither does include/config.h which should
hold the results of running `./configure` on *your* machine (especially
so when running Gentoo ;-P) and really shouldn't even be in the source

> I have the last latest release source (xsane-0.999) and some patches
> developed by the Gentoo staff/volunteers.  That may help out with
> cleaning things up.  Here's the links from a mirror:
> http://mirrors.rit.edu/gentoo/distfiles/xsane-0.999.tar.gz
> http://mirrors.rit.edu/gentoo/distfiles/xsane-0.998-patches-2.tar.xz
> http://mirrors.rit.edu/gentoo/distfiles/xsane-256x256.png
> You'll probably want to look at the patch set, which may help out with
> your cleaning.

At first glance, those patches aren't about cleaning but about fixing
:-)  When creating the repository, I was concerned about keeping files
that don't belong in a git repository out, not about fixing things at
some version of XSane.

# BTW, you are aware of the fact that your links point to different
# versions, right?

Don't get me wrong, some of the patches you pointed at fix real issues
and I welcome GitLab merge requests (one per patch please!) for those
that are not distribution specific.

Hope this helps,
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