[sane-devel] [cups] I cannot print using the Canon TS6000 series – CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.13-2 driver.

Bill 624wtl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 13:24:01 GMT 2019


     If I select "Canon_Pixma_TS6220" (which has driver "Canon TS6200 
series Ver.5.70"), the printer prints OK.  But if I select

"Canon_Gutenprint_Driver" (same printer as the former, but with driver 
"Canon TS6000 series - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.13),
then the printer does not print.

On 3/4/19 5:17 AM, Brian Potkin wrote:
> On Sun 03 Mar 2019 at 17:20:43 -0500, Bill wrote:
>> Brian:
>>      From your link, I did these steps:
>>      Uncommented CreateIPPPrinterQueues All in /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf.
>>      and executed systemctl restart cups-browsed.
>> “After one simple change to cups-browsed.conf, IPP printers are
>> automatically set up, made visible to applications and managed by
>> cups-browsed on a default buster installation.
>> Nothing else need be done to print to them. “
>>      And $ lpstat -e shows:
>> Canon_Gutenprint_Driver
>> Canon_Pixma_TS6220
>>      And http://localhost:631/printers/ shows:
>> Queue Name    Description    Location    Make and Model Status
>> Canon_Gutenprint_Driver    Canon TS6200 series    Bill's Office    Canon
>> TS6000 series - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.13 Idle
>> Canon_Pixma_TS6220    Canon TS6200 series    Bill's Office Canon TS6200
>> series Ver.5.70    Idle
>> What do I do next?
> Bill - don't forget to send mail to the mailing list.
> Canon_Pixma_TS6220 should be shown in the print dialog of something like
> Firefox or LibreOffice. Just select and print. Does that not work?
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