[sane-devel] sane-backends master e13b80fa -- odd looking sprintf format strings

Robert A. Schmied uwppp at flash.net
Tue May 14 22:01:24 BST 2019


i fetched a static copy of sane-backends master e13b80fa yesterday
and find in sanei/sanei_scsi.c these 4 odd looking sprintf format strings
(well actually 3 sprintf format strings and one comment at line 3211)

968:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
1159:	  DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: can't open device `%s´: %s\n", dev,
1173:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
3211:	   xxxxxx huh? Shouldn´t the above line have been src_size - cdb_size)

note `%s´ or n´t

don't know if this is real bad, just bad or a don't care, as i'm still
patching in my source hacks to get a clean compile and link on solaris 10
sparc with the sun version of usb.h/libusb (no libusb*.pc file but with
/usr/sfw/bin/libusb-config --version that reports 0.1.7) and old gcc 4.9.

i've ggrepped around and find no other sane-backends files with this  character.



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