[sane-devel] sane-backends master e13b80fa -- odd looking sprintf format strings

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed May 15 10:25:20 BST 2019

Hi Robert,

Robert A. Schmied writes:

> gurus
> i fetched a static copy of sane-backends master e13b80fa yesterday
> and find in sanei/sanei_scsi.c these 4 odd looking sprintf format strings
> (well actually 3 sprintf format strings and one comment at line 3211)
> 968:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
> 1159:	  DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: can't open device `%s´: %s\n", dev,
> 1173:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
> 3211:	   xxxxxx huh? Shouldn´t the above line have been src_size - cdb_size)
> note `%s´ or n´t
> don't know if this is real bad, just bad or a don't care,

This is not any of your options ;-)  It is both correct and intended.

Please note that *all* files are UTF-8 encoded.  You're probably seeing
this because your editor/pager uses one of the ISO-8859-* encodings.

The lines you quote above were changed in fc4b250a0.  You can check with

  git show fc4b250a0 -- sanei/sanei_scsi.c

BTW, your line numbers differ.  I assume you made some changes.

> as i'm still
> patching in my source hacks to get a clean compile and link on solaris 10
> sparc with the sun version of usb.h/libusb (no libusb*.pc file but with
> /usr/sfw/bin/libusb-config --version that reports 0.1.7) and old gcc 4.9.

# Merge request is welcome :-)

> i've ggrepped around and find no other sane-backends files with this  character.

I don't know exactly what state of your git repository you grepped, nor
do I know how your grep handles encodings, but I would expect you to see
this on a clean checkout of e13b80fa in a fair number of files.  As an
example, line 16 of backend/plustek-pp_process.h (the one that mentions
version 0.35) should have one right after "Kevin".

# Is `ggrep` a typo or an alias for `git grep`?  I believe `git grep`
# uses the locale's encoding.

Hope this helps,
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