[sane-devel] sane-backends master e13b80fa -- odd looking sprintf format strings

Robert A. Schmied uwppp at flash.net
Wed May 15 22:26:40 BST 2019

aloha Olaf

i started to fire you off a short note, but it grew and grew

sorry, but i tend to get carried away.


Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Robert A. Schmied writes:
>>i fetched a static copy of sane-backends master e13b80fa yesterday
>>and find in sanei/sanei_scsi.c these 4 odd looking sprintf format strings
>>(well actually 3 sprintf format strings and one comment at line 3211)
>>968:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
>>1159:	  DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: can't open device `%s´: %s\n", dev,
>>1173:	DBG (1, "sanei_scsi_open: device name `%s´ is not valid: %s\n",
>>3211:	   xxxxxx huh? Shouldn´t the above line have been src_size - cdb_size)
>>note `%s´ or n´t
>>don't know if this is real bad, just bad or a don't care,

ok i'll revert and leave them unchanged and presume everything is ok,
since i cannot check without a scsi scanner things are just fine.

> This is not any of your options ;-)  It is both correct and intended.
> Please note that *all* files are UTF-8 encoded.  You're probably seeing
> this because your editor/pager uses one of the ISO-8859-* encodings.
> The lines you quote above were changed in fc4b250a0.  You can check with
>   git show fc4b250a0 -- sanei/sanei_scsi.c
> BTW, your line numbers differ.  I assume you made some changes.


>>as i'm still
>>patching in my source hacks to get a clean compile and link on solaris 10
>>sparc with the sun version of usb.h/libusb (no libusb*.pc file but with
>>/usr/sfw/bin/libusb-config --version that reports 0.1.7) and old gcc 4.9.
> # Merge request is welcome :-)

i'm not sure what a merge request is/means.  plus if it is really worth
while given all one or maybe 3 of us dinosaurs that still use sparc
hardware and sunos.

in any event with minimal code tweakage, heavy (but typical) configure
argument setup this sane-backends version compiled/linked just fine.

looks like libpng linking is hosed -- my driving configure args issue.
looks like something is broken with jpeg -- only half width and half
length of scan is imaged and background is gray shaded colored snow.

the pnm scan looks fine.

this testing limited to mode color, res 200 and depth 16.

so now i'm looking over the genesys changes between my old hack of
1.0.27 originally downloaded 27apr18 and e13b80fa -- there seem to
be alot.  and i will verify that old hack for jpeg and png work
as expected.

most annoying issue is why umax_pp_low is compiled when it is
excluded from BACKENDS="genesys net gphoto2 test" to compile and
PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS="genesys gphoto2".  because umax_pp.c fails
to compile.  in order to get make (gnu make) to complete and link
the frontends (scanimage and saned) i'm forced to use -k.

it looks like configure is doing the right thing(s) with respect to 
BACKENDS and PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS, so the problem is probably with
my platform and libtool and or ltmain.sh.  note that the solaris
/bin/sh is simply not consistent with the typical /bin/sh.

any way these three files i change primarily for my os and the sunos
libusb 0.1.7:

i've attached the rcsdiff -uBitwb -r1.1 output for each (yep i'm a
dinosaur that still uses rcs).
  for sanei/sanei_scsi.c
    i get an error as CDB_SIZE is already defined. the change
    undefs it if defined then relies on the source file define.

  for sanei/sanei_auth.c and sanei/sanei_usb.c
    i don't recall if these changes eliminate an error or
    just fix a warning (thinking the latter as i set -Wall)

>>i've ggrepped around and find no other sane-backends files with this  character.
> I don't know exactly what state of your git repository you grepped, nor
> do I know how your grep handles encodings, but I would expect you to see
> this on a clean checkout of e13b80fa in a fair number of files.  As an
> example, line 16 of backend/plustek-pp_process.h (the one that mentions
> version 0.35) should have one right after "Kevin".
> # Is `ggrep` a typo or an alias for `git grep`?  I believe `git grep`
> # uses the locale's encoding.

not git but gnu grep -- solaris /usr/bin stuff is, well, dated and as noted
above i'm a dinosaur!

as far as the repository -- is not git exactly as it was a static tarball
fetched monday 13 around 20:00 gmt from sane-backends-master.  the git
reference was e13b80fa.

> Hope this helps,
> --
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