[sane-devel] Donation system

ABC abc at telekom.ru
Mon Nov 18 19:09:21 GMT 2019


Even if users want some SANE developer to extend existing backend or
make new one to support particular device (which he probably just
bought) - it's hard, since, end user user cannot give adequate access to
his (~100 usd) device to developer, and developer cannot buy every
problematic device (which sounds even like sponsoring billion dollar

But, interested and motivated users could donate small amount of money to
developers so they buy devices to extend backends with their support.

Maybe we could develop somehow donation system, where users could add
small amounts of money for particular backend and known developer(s)
could take them to buy devices to add support for them. We could then
(in gitlab issue system) send users to donation page as additional
option to create backends.

This maybe even destructive idea as it's money related. But this is


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