[sane-devel] Supported Scanners Updates

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 06:37:53 GMT 2019


On 2019-11-18 2:33 p.m., Ralph Little wrote:
> Perhaps it would make sense to add another column to indicate when a 
> scanner was last officially tested (and on which backend version) and 
> had a positive outcome, or otherwise. Currently, we only report the 
> minimum supported backend version, with nothing additional added after 
> that.

Further to this, I have managed to amass a growing collection of 
scanners, many given to me for free.
Lucky me, I guess, but now I have the problem of figuring out where to 
store them. :D

I plan to run exhaustive regression testing against them to report back 
to the supported scanner list.
I know that some of them have yet to get full official support.
I'm mainly interested in getting representative samples for all the 
different backends.

Thus far I have:

HP ScanJet 3670 (has a problem with 50dpi which I am working through)
HP ScanJet 3970
HP ScanJet 6200C (although I do not have an adapter to test the SCSI 
port with)
Visioneer 4400 USB
Canoscan 3000F
Canoscan 4400F (2!)
Canoscan 5200F
Canoscan LIDE 30
Epson Perfection 1670 PHOTO


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