[sane-devel] A query regarding Epson Perfection V39 Scanner

Susmita/Rajib bkpsusmitaa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 09:23:06 BST 2019

Dr. Olaf Meeuwissen, Dr. Yuri Chornoivan and The Team Sane-devel Info,
sane-devel at alioth-lists.debian.net

Dear illustrious Team Members, especially Dr. Chormoivan and Dr. Meeuweissen,

Thank you for upholding and promoting the greatest virtue among the
most compassionate and empathetic human beings. FSF, Linux and Hurd
are the best examples of this greatest virtue.

I apologise for the delay in response. But I was just giving time for
the matter to settle down enough for a clearer picture emerge before
me. Not that Dr. Chornoivan  wasn't clear enough. He couldn't have
been clearer.

So from your discussions it is clear that the manufacturer herself
provides the driver software for her scanners. It is truly a positive

I suffered a lot for buying Canon's Duplex MFD earlier in 2016. With
Sane Team's help I was able to create a specific driver for the

But because of the poor business practices of these manufacturers, who
sell printers at a low enough price only to recover the money through
high-priced accessory sales, the product wasn't robust enough and made
a demise quickly.

Hopefully for me, Epson has never been a party to such practices. So I
believe I won't be dejected this time. As Epson Scanner runs on
Ubuntu, it shall surely run on Debian. I just have installed  Debian
9.11.0 and Knoppix 8.2 on my systems.

My humble regards, acknowledging your intent to help.

(Rajib Bandopadhyay)
A Debian and Knoppix user

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