Pulstek OpticBook 3800 - problems with openning device on 1.0.23+

hate29 harri.kivisto at kotikone.fi
Tue Sep 10 22:14:34 BST 2019

Sorry to open this up as this is a very old post. However I have this
particular scanner and would like to very much get it work in linux. I'm
running Ubuntu 18.04 and my scanner isn't recognized by sane or anything
else. Vuescan merely moves little the reader of the scanner. I'm completely
newbie with this and don't even know how to apply your patch which is in the
last post of yours. Or even where to add it. If you might help me I could
try it out. You seem quite hopeful with it in your post. If there's nothing
I can do then just ignore this. Thanks.

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