Last call for XSane patches

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at
Thu Sep 12 07:25:13 BST 2019

Hi Till,

Till Kamppeter writes:

> When I see this Debian patch to choose between lp and lpr as "default
> printer", how is printing in XSane implemented? Is it still the decades-old
> way of offering the user to enter a print command line?

I think yes but haven't looked at the code.

> Back in 2005 I
> requsted a decent CUPS print dialog in GTK and 2006 it got actually
> implemented and nowadays practically every GTK app uses it (and if not, or
> not GTK they have their own similar dialog).

XSane hasn't received much development since its last release in 2013.

If it wouldn't have been for the SANE Project, XSane would likely have
died a silent death after its sole developer took the website off-line
after the GDPR went into effect.  The SANE Project has "adopted" XSane
and we're blowing off some dust and catching up with changes.  I, for
one, am very glad that someone has stepped up to maintain XSane again.

Thanks, Ralph!  Keep up the good work.

> Come on, it is 2019 now!

Patches welcome :-)

> By the way, there is no other printing system than CUPS actually
> supposed/developed any more.

Hope this helps,
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