Last call for XSane patches

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at
Thu Sep 12 08:09:32 BST 2019

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Little writes:

> Hi,
> OK, my XSANE downstream patch branch is bulging with patchy goodness.
> I think I have caught pretty much all that is worth looking at.
> So I think I will submit a merge request, to trigger Olaf or someone
> else to check through before merging.

I'll have a look at the merge request, soonish, I hope.

> I have looked through Debian and OpenSUSE for their contributions and
> most have been applied.
> The following have been held back:
> Debian
> ========
> 0001-lcms2_configure.
> This duplicates the effect of another patch to the configure file. We
> will shortly be removing configure from the repo
> The other patches fixes things in

As long as you've also updated the current configure (by running
autoconf) skipping this seems fine.  If you haven't the fixes will not
take effect.

> 0100-deb_docviewer
> This changes the default browser to sensible-browser. I think this is a
> distro specific change.
> In future, perhaps we could make this something that could be configured
> rather than necessitating a patch.

Indeed, sensible-browser is distro-specific, as are www-browser and
x-www-browser.  Being able to configure the browser would be nice.
Create an issue to remind yourself, perhaps?

> 0120-deb_printing_defaults
> This changes the default printer from lpr to lp. Again I think this may
> be distro specific.
> However, I think pretty much everyone is using CUPS these days and CUPS
> supports both.
> One is supposed to be more feature rich than the other. I am undecided.
> If anyone has an opinion on this, I would be interested to hear it.

Mostly as per Till's comments but please note that we also support
non-Linux systems (to some extent) which may not have CUPS.

> 0110-deb_inhibit_clickthrough
> I mentioned this in another mailing. I will sit on this for the moment.

Will follow up on the other mail.

> 0140-fix_pdf_xref
> Looking at the code, this patch seems to be superfluous.
> Perhaps upstream fixed this and Debian didn't realise?
> openSUSE
> =========
> 001-xdg-open-as-default-browser
> Changes default browser from netscape (?) to xdg-open
> These seems to be distro specific. Again, we should come up with a
> reasonable mechanism for distros to customize the defaults without
> having to patch.

ACK.  IIRC, xdg-open is a utility and would generally be
available on Linux systems.  It only works inside desktop sessions so is
similar to Debian's x-www-browser.  It cannot be used in CLI sessions.
But then again, XSane isn't very useful in those either :-)

> 902-license-dialog
> A different form of Debian 0110-deb_inhibit_clickthrough
> It also changes the bug report contact, but I will sit on this also for
> the reasons mentioned above.

ACK.  Does the bug report contact point to openSUSE?  If so, that'd be
great.  I prefer not having to troubleshoot distro-specific issues.
Distro maintainer's can upstream their issues if it's really ours :-)

Hope this helps,
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