[sane-devel] Sane Test for Canon G3110 Series Scanner (Compatible with G3010 series)

Núbio Cicarini Hott Júnior nubiocicarini at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 05:39:37 BST 2020

Hello Sane community!

I have a Canon G3110 multi-functional peripheral (Compatible with G3010 
series - USB and WiFi) connected via USB and network to an updated 
Gentoo Linux system with sane-backend installed and compiled with USB 
(USE) support and PIXMA drive. However, the scanner is not detected with 
scanimage -L. On the other hand, sane-find-scanner -q detects the 
scanner via USB. I tried to make corrections to the udev rules but that 
failed. The same scanner worked fine with Sane via USB on the Fedora 
Live CD. As peripheral support has not yet been tested, with the help of 
the Sane community, I am willing to do so.


Nubio Cicarini,

Social scientist,


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