[sane-devel] Problem with Sane over network

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Sun Apr 12 09:17:36 BST 2020

Hi list!

My first question, here...

So, I have a scanner, Canon LiDE35, connected via USB to a RaspberryPI
with Debian Buster.
The scanner works well and I can scan using scanimage.
I installed scanbd in order to manage the buttons on the scanner and now
I can copy and mail documents.

Last point: using the scanner from other PC in the network.
It does NOT work... :(

First of all: the Raspi is in a different network as the PCs!
Anyway I added this line to the saned.conf on the Raspi:

So I should use the scanner from all PCs in the network

In my PC with Debian Stretch (, I added this line to

that is the IP of the Raspi.
In /etc/sane.d/dll.conf on my PC I have:


so that I should be able to scan over network...
Unfortunately scanimage -L finds nothing... :(
In the syslog of the Raspi I see:

Apr 12 10:11:53 scanner systemd[1]: Started Scanner Service
Apr 12 10:11:53 scanner scanbm: /usr/sbin/scanbm: dbus match
Apr 12 10:11:54 scanner kernel: [ 3888.935640] usb 1-1.5: reset
high-speed USB device number 4 using dwc_otg
Apr 12 10:11:54 scanner saned[1024]: saned (AF-indep+IPv6) from
sane-backends 1.0.27 starting up
Apr 12 10:11:54 scanner saned[1024]: check_host: access by remote host:
Apr 12 10:11:54 scanner saned[1024]: init: access granted to
Apr 12 10:12:01 scanner saned[1024]: saned exiting
Apr 12 10:12:02 scanner systemd[1]:
scanbm at 4- Succeeded.

so I'd say, that my PC is allowed to use the scanner...
But it doesn't... :(

What I see is using tcpdump:

10:11:54.352477 IP > UDP, length 16
10:11:54.352928 IP > UDP, length 16
10:11:54.363284 IP > UDP, length 16
10:11:54.363548 IP > UDP, length 16

Of course the broadcast packets cannot reach my PC on a different network...

I found some HowTo about scanning over different networks, but all of
them refer to pixma, and I don't have this scanner...
I tested it anyway, but (of course!) it does not work...

Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot!
Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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