[sane-devel] MORE ON Make error in OSX -- No rule to make target

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Tue Feb 11 02:11:32 GMT 2020

Hi Tom,

Please keep the mailing list in the loop.  Thanks.

Tom Buckler writes:

> Hi Olaf, I should add that I don't have any problem with 1.0.28. I
> probably don't need 1.0.29, but I'm willing to try any fixes
> available...

The issue I mentioned (#239) was first introduced in 1.0.29, so, yes,
you won't see it with 1.0.28.

> =======================
> Thanks for the response! I'm not certain it's the same instance of
> that problem.
> When I pulled the master I had to ./autogen.sh but then I get an error
> with autopoint. This is OSX btw. I'm pretty weak with git and pulling
> files.

If it's just a matter of autopoint not being available, install gettext.
Otherwise, please submit an issue with a log of the ./autogen.sh output


> So as an alternative, I grabbed the backend\Makefile.am file from the
> master and replaced it into my copy of the 1.0.29 release, did a "make
> clean" & "make", but exactly the same error persists.

That won't work.  You need to run automake to update backend/Makefile.in
first and then `./config.status` to update backend/Makefile before you
run make again.

> [...]

Hope this helps,
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