[sane-devel] Using "scanimage" under Gentoo

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sat Feb 15 02:13:32 GMT 2020

Hi Rainer,

Dr Rainer Woitok writes:

> Olaf,
> On Friday, 2020-02-14 14:28:16 +0100, I myself wrote:
>> ...
>> I've compressed the debug output  from tests 1 and 3,  but the files are
>> still huge:
>>    $ ls -l *.bz2
>>    -rw------- 1 rainer rainer 28659462 2020-02-14 13:35 paperjam.log.bz2
>>    -rw------- 1 rainer rainer 56919612 2020-02-14 13:37 success.log.bz2
>>    $
>> As per your suggestions  I'll send these files  in two separate mails as
>> attachments to both, yourself and the list and will leave it to the list
>> moderator to decide.
> No joy: "Sending failed", even with the smaller file :-(

Mails larger than 10MB stand a good chance of getting dropped along the
way in my experience.

> So I bit the bullet  and created just another account in order to submit
> an issue.   Again in vain:  "File is too big (27.33MiB).   Max filesize:
> 10MiB".

That's too bad.

> What's next?   Reduce the value of "SANE_DEBUG_BJNP"?  But I can't guar-
> antee I can reproduce this particular behaviour.

That's probably the best solution even though that would change the
timing of events leading to whatever issue you're seeing disappear.
But if not setting SANE_DEBUG_BJNP makes the issue go away, then what's
the problem anyway ;-)

I'd follow Louis' suggestion trying to reproduce over USB so we can
narrow things down to either the backend proper or the BJNP code.

> And I'm pretty sure  I don't want  to create  just another  account with
> "pastebin" or some such site :-\


Hope this helps,
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