[sane-devel] Getting a Canon LiDE 120 scanner going ?

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 20:52:55 GMT 2020


On 2020-02-20 10:33 p.m., Andy Coleman wrote:
> Hi
> Will installing your SW get this scanner going? I really don't want to 
> install unnecessary stuff.
> If so, have you any pointers to the necessary steps involved?
> I've ground to a halt with the Ubunto forum.
> Cheers Andy

Yes SANE does support the Canon LiDE 120.

Scanning with SANE consists of two parts: the backend, which provides 
support for a variety of dedicated scanners and multi-function devices.
The other part is the front end which provides access to that 

 From the SANE project there is a command line utility scanimage and 
there is also a graphical, interactive frontend called xsane.
xsane is at version 0.999 and has not been updated in some time. 
However, it is still used by most people and satisfies most requirements.
There are other frontends from elsewhere that support scanners through 
the standard SANE interface.

The backend portion is currently at 1.0.29, although depending on which 
Ubuntu you have, this will likely be something like 1.0.27 or 1.0.28.
Enhancements to the backend mostly encompass the addition of newer 
scanners and enhancement to existing supported devices.

To get the latest backend, you can use the Release PPA maintained by 
Rolf Bensch. This provides builds from the latest release 1.0.29 and 
supports back to Xenial (16.04).
You can find that at: 

Rolf also maintains a cutting edge PPA here: 
I just tried the scanner on that PPA and it seems to work fine. Bear in 
mind, that it is on the cutting edge and bugs may creep in from time to 

If I were you, I would go for Rolf's Release PPA, and install xsane 
(which depends on the libsane backend libraries so you get them also).

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