[sane-devel] Converting Raw Image Data to PNG

daniel at pixelgrease.co daniel at pixelgrease.co
Fri Jan 10 05:09:17 GMT 2020


I have been trying to get a device running for a few weeks now. After
failing to build a backend I decided to hack together my own LibUSB
driver for my unsupported A8 scanner, given my use case is pretty simple
I went in with a "how hard can it be?" attitude. 

Great success so far. Hasn't been easy but it hasn't been really that
bad. I have managed to ask my tiny A8 feed scanner to scan a 300dpi
colour image. I have been able to save the data to a file (about 8mb
worth) but that's where the fun ends.

Can't seem to figure out how to get that raw data into a usable format.
2 questions: 

1. What format is that raw data likely to be? I naively expected it to
be png. 
2. Does SANE have some code that handles that sort of conversion I could
have a look at? Looked around the internet and the SANE docs. Read some
things about frames, but couldn't find much else. 


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