[sane-devel] [janitorial] Feature freeze for 1.0.29 and call for translation updates

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Jan 12 12:23:17 GMT 2020

Hi all,

As per earlier announcement[1], I've cut and pushed a `release/1.0.29`
branch to mark the feature freeze for this version.  This branch shall
only receive bug fixes and documentation changes.  Any changes applied
to it will be merged back into `master` shortly after the release.

 [1]: https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/sane-devel/2020-January/037407.html

The default target branch for merge requests is `master`, so if you have
merge requests (MRs) that should be included in the 1.0.29 release, you
need to select the `release/1.0.29` branch as the merge target.  Please
only do so for bug fixes and documentation changes.

I've already added (most of) the relevant bits to the NEWS file.  Please
take a look and submit an MR for any glaring omissions.

  * Call for translation updates *

The po/*.po files have been synchronized with the latest sources and we
very, very much welcome updates to our existing translations.  Out of
the 23 languages for which we have translations only *seven* are mostly

So, if you are fluent in any of the following languages (and familiar
with scanning terminology in that language), please consider helping out
with getting the translations updated.

  - Bulgarian {#208}
  - Czech {#209}
  - Danish {#210}
  - Esperanto {#211}
  - Spanish (Castilian) {#212}
  - Finnish {#213}
  - French {#214}
  - Galician {#215}
  - Hungarian {#216}
  - Italian {#217}
  - Japanese {#218}
  - Norwegian (Bokmål) {#219}
  - Polish {#220}
  - Portuguese {#221}
  - Russian {#222}
  - Swedish {#223}

These languages are pretty out-of-date in terms of translated messages
but any improvents are welcome.  Please assign the issue listed in {} to
yourself so people can see who's working on a translation and coordinate

The other languages are *mostly* up-to-date but if you are fluent in any

  - Catalan
  - Catalan (Valencian)
  - Dutch
  - English (United Kingdom)
  - German
  - Hebrew
  - Ukrainian

feel free to submit a merge request targetting release/1.0.209 with the
changes to bring them up-to-date.

Hope this helps,
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