[sane-devel] [janitorial] Feature freeze for 1.0.29 and call for translation updates

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 23:19:37 GMT 2020


On 2020-01-12 2:18 p.m., Ulf Zibis wrote:
> ...
> $ cd po ; make update-po
> make: *** Keine Regel, um „update-po“ zu erstellen.  Schluss.
> The last message makes me worrying, if I did it right.

I can run through what I did for the British English for you.
I just went through this for my daughter :D
I am assuming that you are working on Linux.
You may need someone to give you developer access to do the following.

This is what you can use as a reference:


1) Checkout the latest master from git, and create a branch for your 

git fetch
git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b "german-translations"

...changing where appropriate.

2) Load up poedit to edit the file: in Linux you can probably find this 
in the repo.
If you are on Windows, you can get it here: https://poedit.net/

3) Open the file po/de.po in poedit.

4) Make appropriate changes.
In the menu, make sure you have the View options "Entries with errors 
first" and "Untranslated entries first" checked.
That will put the entries that require work at the top and they will be 
a different colour to the rest.

Select a message in the top list and type in the translated message into 
the bottom pane.

New messages (for which there is no current translation) might have a 
"fuzzy" selection already made.
This is an automated guess at what might be appropriate from the other 
You will be able to tell because it is coloured and mostly likely will 
be completely wrong. :D
Just appropriate corrections and move on.

When you are done, save it.
You should make sure that the header entries are updated with your id 
and date of last translation (today).
Those entries are Last-Translator and PO-Revision_Date.

5) Check style.
In a shell prompt:


...to make sure there are no issues that will fail the pipeline.

There should be no messages.

6) Check in branch:

I use gitg to commit, because it is convenient, but you can also do:

git commit -am "German translations done"
git push origin "german-translations"

7) Create a merge request on gitlab.
The merge request will require you to set the source branch your new 
branch (e.g. "german-translations") and the destination branch 
"release/1.0.29". Give it a title and perhaps set that it needs one 
reviewer ("anyone qualified").

One of the more experienced devs will merge it for you.

If you don't have developer status, you could just do the poedit stuff 
from the file on master, and then mail the updates to sane-devel for 
someone else to check in as an attachment.


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