[sane-devel] [janitorial] Feature freeze for 1.0.29 and call for translation updates

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Mon Jan 13 17:58:10 GMT 2020

Am 13.01.20 um 00:19 schrieb Ralph Little:
> I can run through what I did for the British English for you.
Very much thanks for this detailed "manual".

> git fetch
> git checkout master
> git pull
> git checkout -b "german-translations"
For me it was:
git clone https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends.git
cd backends
git branch "german-translations"

> 2) Load up poedit to edit the file: in Linux you can probably find
> this in the repo.
Thanks for the pointer to this great tool.

> 4) Make appropriate changes.
> In the menu, make sure you have the View options "Entries with errors
> first" and "Untranslated entries first" checked.
> That will put the entries that require work at the top and they will
> be a different colour to the rest.
Great hint too!

> When you are done, save it.
Here came some surprise. With diff, I could see, that many lines were
changed, even there was no semantic change. This was caused by poedit
from automatic line break. It breaks lines after 83 chars, regardless if
I e.g. set it to 70 (with "keep format of existing files"), the default
was 79.
So I like to suggest, to first "reformat" the de.po file for a stable
format, make a merge request and after do the semantic changes, so
reviewers would have less work.
I personally would prefer NO line breaks, as comparing the diffs after
would be much easier (otherwise a little change at the beginning of a
long text changes all line breaks for several following lines, which
makes it error-prone to observe changes at the end of the long text).
Please give me an advice how to do right!

> You should make sure that the header entries are updated with your id
> and date of last translation (today).
> Those entries are Last-Translator and PO-Revision_Date.

This seems to be done automatically by poedit. :-)

However reviewing and correcting about 15 % of all entries took me 6
hours last night, and I leave to holydays Wednesday, I can not complete
the work. Would it be of help anyway, if I submit this chunk of work?


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