[sane-devel] [janitorial] Feature freeze for 1.0.29 and call for translation updates

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Mon Jan 13 08:43:53 GMT 2020

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Little writes:

> Hi,
> I will take the British English.

I see that has been done and merged already :+1:

> I will see if my daughter (a fluent French speaker) will have a look at the
> French. No promises: she is a busy working student. However she does owe me
> in the favour department :)

I see you claimed #214 for that (assuming you proxy for your daughter).
BTW, she speaks French French, right?  Not Canadian French (or heaven
forbid, Quebecois).

> I have a Japanese/Chinese speaking dev colleague at work. I will approach
> them as well.

I speak Japanese myself (and have been doing scanner driver development
for/at a Japanese company for 15 years) but don't trust myself to update
the translations.  I might be able to review though.

# Heck, I don't even trust myself doing the translations for my native
# Dutch!  Tried for 1.0.28 and realized that those messages all looked
# rather awkward to me ... been in Japan too long ;-/

We don't have any Chinese (main land, Hong Kong, Taiwan or otherwise)
but new translations are welcome.  If adding Chinese, please, please
indicate *what* Chinese it is.  The main land and Taiwanese can be a
testy lot and I'd rather not have to don an asbestos suit.  So adding
zh.po is a no-no, but zh_CN.po, zh_TW.po or any zh_*.po is fine.

> I also work with a Mexican chap. I wonder if he would be able to help with
> the Spanish.

During the scanner driver development referred to above, my experience
has been that we had both es.po and es_MX.po and they differed, just
like pt.po and pt_BR.po differed, a fair bit at times.  Even simple
things like file and folder would be different.  I'd tread carefully
here but, hey, es_MX.po is welcome ;-)

> They are all tech-savvy people.


Hope this helps,
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