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valerio bardo1950 at fastwebnet.it
Tue Jan 14 15:49:41 GMT 2020

hi Olaf,

Il 11/01/20 14:09, Olaf Meeuwissen ha scritto:
> Hi Valerio, iscan-data maintainer(s),

> Thanks for the files.  That policy.out file doesn't look like it should,
> at all.  It's supposed to contain a pile of additional rules that look
> like whatever the distribution's libsane package uses for USB devices.
> It appears that the Debian package maintainer split off the USB devices
> into a 20-sane.hwdb and only left the SCSI devices in 60-libsane.rules.
> This was done to address Debian bug 869244 (see [1]).
>    [1]: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=869244
> Unfortunately, that seems to have broken the logic in make-policy-file.
> That script has been working fine for more than a decade on multiple
> distributions but it looks like it needs some fixing up now.  The Debian
> change will problably also affect *all* of Debian's downstreams :-/
thank you for your answer

last week i gave the scanner to a friend, who has the shop where i 
normally buy the hardware, to test in a microsoft pc, and look at the 
the scanner works, but only for two minutes and about forty seconds...
i tested the machine, cut the power supply, after half an hour, 
connected again, it worked for the two minutes and so and then gave me 


sorry for my defective english

> Hope this helps,
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