[sane-devel] Canon Canoscan LiDE 400 support in Slackware

valerio bardo1950 at fastwebnet.it
Sat Jul 18 08:10:28 BST 2020

hi Alexander and all,

Il 17/07/20 17:50, Alexander Pevzner ha scritto:
> Hi Valerio,
>>> BTW, Lide 400 known to work via IPP over USB, and in this mode it 
>>> supports eSCL protocol.
>> i don't understand
> I'll explain :-)
> There is such a thing, that driverless printing and scanning. 
> "Driverless" means that device implements vendor-neutral protocol, and 
> driver is very generic and works with a large class of compatible 
> devices, regardless of their models and manufacturers.
> Normally, driverless printing and scanning were protocols designed for 
> network-connected devices. IPP over USB is a technology, that allows to 
> "speak" with compatible USB devices as if they were connected to the 
> network.
> IPP over USB requires additional piece of software, the ipp-usb daemon, 
> which connects to device via USB and exposes it to the network (by 
> default to localhost only).
> eSCL is a scanning protocol, supported by many devices from many 
> vendors. It is also known as Apple AirScan.
> Both protocols (IPP over USB and eSCL) are supported by your device.
> You will need ipp-usb daemon, to enable IPP over USB, and sane-escl or 
> sane-airscan, to utilize eSCL scanning.
> I don't know if somebody tested sane-escl with your device, but 
> regarding sane-airscan, two independent users reported that it works 
> with Lide 400.

that scanner has no connection with the net, so they said.

but i have solved: i installed again the package i found in 
following the instructions: with no root privilege for ./configure and 
make, and make install as root.

the first time i had done all as root.

scanimage -L
device `pixma:04A91912_43C82A' is a CANON CanoScan LiDE 400 
multi-function peripheral

scanimage -V
scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.30-914-g8bdd27d14; backend version 1.0.30

thanks all

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